Action at DFAT in support of Julian Assange

2 years 2 long

Yesterday the Mildly Amusing Action Squad  and the Peace Bus held another sit-in at , this time at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Melbourne. It marked the 2 year anniversary of Julian Assange’s arrest without  charge in London.

Armed with megaphones and banners  in support of Julian Assange and Bradley Manning we entered the building without any difficulty, but as soon as the action began, the receptionist and the security guards became very nervous and aggressive  and police was called.

Free Bradley

On the outside of the building the peace bus members and a few helpers staged a wonderful show for passers-by, which invoved Eureka flags and endless speeches through a megaphone.

Beace Bus

The police slowly multiplied and a stand-off began, but this time they chose not to drag us out, but to wait until we left voluntarily, after about 3 hours, but only after many speeches through the megaphone, including a relayed message from Christine Assange who rang in during the protest and many, many songs!

The action was hugely successful in drawing attention to the plight of Julian Assange and Bradley Manning in front of a large number of people.

A birthday card with well wishes and photos of all of us was created for Bradley Manning and will be sent of shortly.


Megacop wins

Togh Cop

Having Fun


Bring Assange home

Relaxing after an exhausting action.

Relaxing after an exhausting action.

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  1. Respect to all the people who participated in this much needed protest. If we want real democracy we have to fight for it.

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