No Maccas in Seaford



This is OUR community, built with rate-payer dollars. McDonalds are not looking to contribute to the amenity of our community, they merely want to exploit it and our environment, drowning us in non biodegradable litter in their relentless drive for ever-greater profits – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. McDonalds want to supersize our community by pushing low nutrition food onto our children; choke our streets with traffic; attract & foster antisocial behaviour; override municipal planning laws by locating a 24/7 commercial fast food chain on a residentially zoned site which backs onto the environmentally sensitive Kananook Creek and fronts Seaford foreshore.


Attend community & council meetings & media shoots to help inform the community and bolster support from the residents. Show our strong opposition to this inappropriate development.

Volunteer to help collect signatures on petitions to council – don’t just leave it up to a few, get involved and have your say in your community. The more signatures the louder our message is heard.

Contact your local councilor to discuss your concerns and make your voice be heard. Make council aware of how strongly the residents feel about this threat to our community. Send a copy of your objection submission to them to help them gain a first-hand deeper understanding of the community’s grave concerns.

Help to make protest banners to erect on the site

Email your local Councillors to let them know how you feel about the issue.
North Ward
Councillor Glenn Aitken:
Councillor Rebekah Spelman:
Councillor James Dooley:>

To organise a community meeting time date & venue to discuss the way forward

A cohesive media awareness campaign strategy embracing print and electronic media.

To build a growing tide of resistance to the bullying tactics of McDonalds

Email with your ideas or skills that you are willing to volunteer to help us in this fight for our community.

And please share this document with others that are interested in making their objections felt beyond the cyber forum.

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