Where does money come from?

One of the criticism of Occupymelbourne was the overwhelming diversity of messages coming out and the lack of central themes.

Well we did encourage people to speak their minds, and there was, and still are many things wrong with our city, state, country and world.

We feel this was one of the messages that deserved more traction as it was central to the economic injustices of the ‘bail outs’ and assorted corruption of the finance juggernauts we know as banks.

So we’ll leave it to this occupier Simon, who may be changing his family name to “Where-does-money-come-from?”

How deep does the rabbit hole go?

Posted on November 11, 2012, in Actions & protests, Australia, Economics & Finance, History, Law & Government, Media, Melbourne, Monetary system, Victoria, Video. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. perhaps we should have a look at some legal definitions, and try to figure out what bonds are and what is considered surety for the bond…

  2. Economics text books generally paint a picture of a vast pile of gold under guard in a vault backing the fiat currency reserve fraction that is chiseled into stone.

    However this is simply not the case even for a continent rather blessed in terms of gold mines ( and other significant mineral wealth).

    If the money in circualtion doubles every five years, that would represent an impossible level of gold mining, gold being a finite resource.

  3. Where do phone calls come from? Subtle?

  4. Simon is brilliant..let’s vote him into Parliament..he makes so much sense…Where does the money come from…??? This is the most important question to ask.

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