Organic vs Synthetic! OccupyMelbourne vs Carson & Scrase inc.

While this is not an article about the reflects journal, a quick note is needed:
Currently a splinter group of Occupy Melbourne has relentlessly promoted a journal titled: “occupy Reflects”

On the surface it appears to be a collection of essays without any bias, or so it is promoted. Some are good and some give accounts, by people who never really camped or participated. However it may be easily assumed, as the subtlety of the title suggests, Reflects being a code word for something that has passed, suggesting its purpose is to bring to an end OM as a brand. The overall effect of the works gives a negative description of the movement and this is evidenced by the recent article in The Age News paper, whereby the anniversary of the Occupy Melbourne eviction received a very detrimental review, quoting information which it sourced from the Reflects journal. Even the OM legal team members have voiced their concerns about the paper, and leaves us wondering how this will help fair the court decision we are currently awaiting?

It is important to note that many members refused to contribute to the Reflects journal, due to the way it was carried out, causing divisions led by a splinter group headed by Nick Carson and Carl Scrase, who are seeking to converge the members of OM into new  personal organisations, one of which is entitled “Real Democracy Australia”  The cause of division stems from the controlled take over of the web entity of OM, that has censored on ground members and silenced the majority.

It is common knowledge that these individuals, along with a few, have tried to use OM for personal gains, building a political platform on which they may establish political careers. At a Reflects meeting Carl Scrase openly stated that he has a thirty year plan he wishes to pursue within Melbourne politics.

Thus we find ourselves in the predicament, organic vs synthetic!

When Occupy Melbourne started, it was an organic outburst of people who attended, and its growth was a natural response to the world movement that was taking place.  It was not due to any organisers or any other form of contrived campaigns. It was natural, it was organic, and there were and are no leaders…

Tactics employed by Carson and Scrase have been utilised in order to brand themselves as heads of OM. A controlled take over of the web entity and media lists has caused much censorship and manipulation, forcing original participants to leave, and locking many others out of the scene, yet all in the while shamelessly promoting their own agendas.  Much is to be said about this, and shall be analysed and documented in near future.  A simple example however is warranted here in order to illustrate types of tactics used.

The main facebook and website of OM has not allowed sharing and or reporting of important works by on ground members. Currently this has been expanded to other outside connected groups, where they are spreading false reports of events, so that OM may be shut down, and converge into the synthetically formed groups that are headed by the aforementioned individuals.

The common fashion is to cut and paste other peoples ideas and existing org templates, and brand it as their own.  In a group named “citizen media collective” Carson has continued to systematically cut out members events, even though many of us are not only members of OM but are also members in CMC as well.
The group page ( states that their mission is:

Free Media Through Mutual Aid – real stories, by real people, no corporate or state agenda

and also:

The CMC co-ordinates participating citizen media to be present in varying capacities at community events and actions in Melbourne and Victoria to capture images, write articles, livetweet, livestream and other supportive methods of community story-telling.

Yet this group is repeating not only the same censorship of Occupy Melbourne, that occurred in the main facebook page and websites, but in fact it is repeating the very same system of which we opposed and which is the very reason we as a people formed as a revolutionary movement, against state oppression.

Allow us to demonstrate:

In the recent Occupy Melbourne one year Anniversary of the City Square eviction posting on Citizen Media Collective page (see post here:

Carson has co-ordinated his friend photographer (former member who has left occupy)  to censor the days events, and to purposely cut out the majority of members, who do not support his plans.  The folowing is an example of the photos posted by Carson and Co, followed by a true photo of the days events.

CMC page propaganda:







So we have to ask, Can you trust these individuals? How when even an offshoot page (which many of us are members, but are censored) cant report the simple truth, and favours personal agendas! They are politically inclined, for personal gains! This has been the source of division and discontent/mistrust within the OM movement. This has been the tactic on official OM pages, where they have blocked members, not mentioned events, and leaked to the media information that strengthens their causes, and leaves the damage to hard working occupiers etc.

They are attempting to create fake movement groups in every state, via the Real Democracy Template, as seen in the following pic, and eg of Scrase manufacturing this RDA org by adding the same group of friends in every group, to give the false impression that these groups are organically springing up, but are not, and have failed thus far. He is now attempting to combine it in a simplified form as Real Democracy Melbourne! Not to mention that the cut and paste method has been scorned by original creators, and is also not supported by the majority of occupiers!

See pic of contrived group in Queensland (and so it goes in every state)

notice above pic where all the people are added by Scrase, and no one participated! NOT ORGANIC!!!

Peoples concerns are justified, when even Mr Scrase knows and openly admits he has control issues (see screen grab of Scrase chatting on RDA page):

in this video Scrase attempted another org “we make us” just prior to occupy, and is visual evidence of his ambition, without substance, megolomania! Note how he claims he is a pioneer, due to imagining a better world, as if to suggest that others dont imagine and want a better world? Watch the video, and make up your own mind:

and while his party failed at gaining any support, check out the following video of another failed attempt, but interesting where he supports a biological virus injected into a placenta.
Watch how he boasts that he is Carl Scrase after German artist Joseph Beuys etc

once again, you be the judge, but consider these facts:

1. Censorship of OM events

2. Blocking of access to web entity of OM (Carson changed passwords, and now claims he doesn’t have it, after successfully pushing out original participants etc)

3. Self promotion by Carson and Scrase through occupy brand

4. The Narcissistic tendencies, and admittance of corruptible by power (even the legal team has commented “imagine if these kids were given any political positions”)

5. The refusal to engage in conversations with people who attempted to converse with them…. The cause of animosity, as people see them shamelessly promote their agendas, and pretend not to be aware of other events.

6. offshoot groups such as Citizen Media Collective claim to represent Melbourne activist events as they happen, and yet censor OM activities.

7. they formed secret groups “iceland” etc and deny media contact lists, yet leak to the media, Occupy Reflects journal and other information that is damaging to OM, in order to converge certain members into their new groups,

and in doing so, not only has division been achieved, but such actions do not support the legal case and is in fact detrimental to the movement as a whole…

Such deceitful actions have caused a few to think that maybe Carson and Scrase are agents infiltrating the movement, others see them as spoilt rich kids who have ego problems, and a few are flattered and join in on their cause in hope to achieve positions within the new ranks, The majority of decent intelligent folk leave, not wanting to engage in such negative mind games. Regardless of which view is valid, it is of no concern, other than negative impact the actions of these individuals have caused…

more to come…

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  1. I agree. In relation to ‘Occupy reflects’ journal Its worth pointing out that several contributors to this document *never* stayed the night at the occupy camps, the majority stayed over night very few times. So how can these people even claim to have a real notion worth listening to? The document was meant to be a eulogy to OM and to make sure their prints weren’t on the corpse. For some authors it was an opportunity to grandstand on the hard work of people who refused to go the contrived meetings which were always going to be a foregone conclusion.

    A better summing up of the past year for OM is this:
    Occupy Melbourne was a power struggle internally and externally, as one usurper was defeated, another arrived. And it continues.

    The reason for ‘’ being created was to take back our media presence from those who stole it from us, and sought to use it for their own benefit at the cost of the group.

    Carson and Scrace are disgusting hypocrites, they talk about democracy because it sounds good, but when it comes to the will of the majority they claim to represent, they refuse to conform to the will of the majority. Just more lies and excuses.

  2. Hmm, Conchy Perez Sanchez, one of the people pictured in the “group” “Real Democracy Australia” is actually in Spain. Carson and Scrase are basically just the creators of a number of Facebook groups that don’t exist in the real world. By using Facebook as a political platform they have pretty much written their own career death sentence anyway, as Facebook is nothing but a spying tool now. The so called “media group” who would have been more aptly named ‘media liason group’ also held their meetings on Facebook when other groups held meetings at the OM camp site.

  3. ‘Occupy Melbourne was a power struggle internally and externally’….. Yes in reality this was always going to be the case..
    At this stage,(as has always been the case) the will of the people can be determined through GA’s… and once we evolved into affinity groups and endorsed,(through GA) autonomy and diversity of tactics, then many varying forms of media collectives and liaisons and outreach can manifest,(such as this site) and convey content that isn’t determined or constrained by others..

    I’m unsure what internal dynamics, or culture as perceived by some who participated,(as conveyed in ‘Occupy reflects’ journal) has to do with the court case, as the evidence presented and argued over by the different legal parties was specifically about free speech, the right to peacefully assemble and the draconian and violent actions of the state… Essentially,(in the context of say one person, you could be the biggest rat bag or not) the state does not have the right or authority to brutalise you, it’s an abuse of power and the findings are determined as a result of the evidence presented, not ones calibre of character,(Rodney King)

    I’m as frustrated as anyone that the internal dynamics and factional struggles have found us seemingly wallowing and not gathering momentum.. personally I see merit in the Occupy banner/umbrella,(however you perceive or want to define it) and peeps gravitating towards and invest energy into it.

    Those that have left and don’t want to participate, needn’t be what is defining OM, those who would like to see OM regain momentum, pretty much need to roll their sleeves up and have at it.. We know who each other are, a small group at the moment that has the capacity to grow.. Most of us attend MAAS actions and can see from these actions that by doing them and not getting bogged down with internal politics, that it resonates with peeps. Numbers at those actions have GROWN and we attend to our our own media. << Really there's nothing to prevent this from occurring under the OM banner or for those participating in MAAS actions, from flying the OM banner..

    Sure I can see the relevance of relaying the message in the post I'm replying to, I can see how a spring clean can clear out the cob webs and establish who and what we are and who and what we aren't..,(quite a challenge in a people's movement that aspires to be inclusive and listen to all voices, however less tricky when considering those who state they no longer wish to participate or have acted in a way that is antithesis to community and collective) For me I see far more merit in getting on with it.. Doing actions, having GA's, identifying situations like the tree felling and supporting such causes.. getting amongst the community and raising awareness. Challenging the abuse and imbalance in power wielded by the state and corporations. << This will resonate, (as it has) with people and find them gravitating back and participating, especially if the grass roots, non hierarchical organic approach is what occurs..

  4. How to become a politician 21st century style:Create lots of fake FB groups and add the same people to them over and over, then claim you have members and call yourself a political party. That is so going to work.LOL

  5. A Real article covering the event that citizen media collective tried to hide is here:

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