Another Unlawful Eviction Of Protesters From US Consulate Today.

Today the Mildly Amusing Action Squad (MAAS) staged another political fun-day at the USA consulate in Melbourne , in support of Wikileaks and protesting against the incarceration of Bradley Manning for more than two years without a trial and the international witch-hunt against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange who has been declared an enemy of the United States Of America.

About 20 protesters assembled peacefully, holding up signs and banners and requesting a meeting with consulate officials in order to deliver a letter, but instead we were asked to leave by the building manager , who did not seem to understand that move-on and trespass laws do not apply to political protests in a public place or a place of business.

Victoria police were called, yet again (This was our 3rd sit-in), and after about 2 hours about 30 of the arrived to remove the protesters. Police did not seem to be aware of the constitutional law of 1914, section 28, whereby interfering with political liberties is actually a jailable offence. They claim allegiance to the Queen, yet do not uphold her laws. Hmmm.

As they started dragging people out one by one, some protesters left the building voluntarily, while the majority sat in a tight circle nd had to be removed and carried outside.

Meanwhile, outside, the police made several requests to obtain the IDs of those protesters who had left voluntarily , but were denied (nice try, officers) There was an attempt to arrest someone for not wanting to give his ID by falsely accusing that person of trying to deposit “burning litter”.(?) The resulting conversation was a primary example of how to talk to the police in this kind of situation and ultimately the officer in question had to abandon his request, as he had no legal leg to stand on whatsoever, it was all just intimidation tactics.

After everyone had exited the building ,some protesters sat on the ground singing “We shall Overcome” for about 10 minutes and then most slowly began to retreat to the cafe across the road.

Unfortunately ,some twenty minutes later, a single protester ,who had stayed behind to argue some points with police , was arrested (Presumably for no reason other than asking too many uncomfortable questions,) This led to everyone returning and a confrontation in which a number of people got pushed and hurt and one female protester who was caught in the middle, was brutally dragged into the street (in front of approaching cars) , handcuffed and thrown into a police van. She was then taken to a location about 5 km away, where she was dumped on the footpath, requiring medical attention. Another example of Victoria Police illegally apprehending people and doing as they please in an orgy of lawlessness.

While it is unlikely that any of this will go to court, as most people simply do not have the money to do so, reports against the conduct of certain officers will most certainly be filed. The public needs to know, that while they supposedly have legal rights to certain types of political communication , these rights are constantly undermined by the state, as protester groups are often too small to fight a system which has become fascist.

70-80% of Australians support Julian Assange and many opposed the war in Iraq in 2003 and continue to do so, yet the voice of the people continues to be gagged by the corporate state and it’s hired thugs. Another fun day at the US consulate. Would it not be easier for them to come and talk to us, rather than continuing to waste taxpayers funds on nonviolent protesters?

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  1. On the face of it, you could be excused for buying the line that Australia is a lucky country, as we have protected rights. However when these rights are enacted, it is soon discovered that they aren’t and that although on paper they look good in reality the situation is far from good.

    Democracy has certain standards, amongst which are freedom of information, freedom of speech, transparent decision making and accountability for the decisions that those in elected positions make…. these standards are ‘not negotiable’ any deviation from them is not only undermining democracy, it is failing democracy and a step in the direction of fascism..

    Fascism also has certain standards, amongst which is the use of state sanctioned violence, against people who are questioning the legitimacy of the way the system or state is acting..

    Advance Australia fair, has in reality become Advance Australia fascism… Eve & Lenny are right, such small numbers of protesters have limited capacity to hold the state to account,(albeit it that this doesn’t prevent us from attempting to do so.) We hold out the hope that others will have their eyes opened to what’s going on and will start joining the struggle to not only reclaim the hard fought for right, to true democracy, but to see an end to the direction that the so called powers that be,are heading..

    We are the 99%…… We are the real power… We have within us the capacity to achieve more than what the system would have us believe, because the system requires us to believe in it and comply with it.

    You weren’t born a slave… RISE UP, emancipate yourself..

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