A short review of 1984

In 1949 George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair) wrote a book called 1984, and has been considered controversial, for various reasons ever since.

The story involves several key themes such as

  • The revision of history by the state
  • Pervasive state surveillance, the concept of privacy is destroyed
  • The continual modification of language to restrict thoughts to chosen set parameters
  • Endless wars, a continual threat to society
  • A inner elite, while the masses (Proles) are asleep to what’s really going on
  • A demand to conform to contradictory ideas aka “doublethink”
  • A standard of living that is continually decreasing while being told that it is improving
  • Submission of the individual to the majority
  • Thoughts can be crimes, and accordingly a man can be punished merely for thinking of a crime

Needless to say I recommend that you consider putting this one on your reading list.

In future posts I will be testing the themes above in today’s world, are we already in 1984?

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