You Can Touch This

Sometime early last year, an idea was born. In Spain, in Israel and then even in the US, people started occupying public space with tents and everything else needed to stay in one place. Just like any new idea, it had the charming appeal of a newborn baby, well-fed, cleaned from the placenta, happily smiling, a bundle of innocent, irresistable cuteness.

Like Baby Moses, it wasn’t really welcomed and kept sheltered from the prying eyes of the media, but the cool kids spotted it somehow. ‘I so wanna have it’, said one cool kid, ‘Me too!’ said another, ‘Me three!’ said a third. So they sat together, took old dolls and created their Frankenstein version of the occupy baby, broken bits of useless ideologies glued together by attention-seeking drivel, disguising the old bullshit in its belly.

While the cool kids patted their backs, others brought the real baby into the…

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  1. A reasonably accurate assessment of what happened. Some people put the problems of the various occupations down to human nature, but really it’s the inhuman nature of the minority who are happy to manipulate anything to their own advantage to the detriment of the majority. Which underscores the point of the whole protest. However I feel a second wave is coming and the unscrupulous characters are quite well identified this time around. I’m sure we have all learned a lot from the experience.

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