On a lighter note

It appears that there is a concerted effort to create disinterest in the topics that actually affect your life.  I once asked an acquaintance of mine if they had ever watched question time, the response I got was appropriate: “only when I am feeling suicidal, and want to bore myself to death”.

Take the US presidential elections for example, the debate consists of only two people, with controlled questions, questions which are designed to cloud and frame an issue rather than reveal the true state of reality.  The whole debate seems to be a matter of attempting to appeal to the masses through 3 second sound bites and catchwords.  In reality politics today is void of thought and absent of real content, in fact I am having trouble of thinking of a politician who was actually honest about their principles.

There is however many people out there who see through the fog, some more than others, who none the less make these topics more palatable.  I must commend them on their work, for it embodies a creative capacity that i do not possess myself.

Perhaps you are familiar with the very clever Rap news:

and of course the US can see the problems with the “system” they have as Abe Lincoln illustrates below

Shame Thomas Jefferson didn’t fly in on that eagle…

Now the real challenge is getting someone to make economics interesting, and thus i leave you with the real debate as propounded by opposing parties below





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