Its time the truth about Nick Carson and his sidekick Carl Scrace was more publicly known. These individuals are NOT part of Occupy Melbourne and do DO NOT represent it in any way.
21 October 2012 “I’m not part of Occupy Melbourne”- Nick Carson.
These individuals are not welcome at any further Occupy related protests.

Random topic analysis: Getting the best out of it.

Looking from the perspective of Melbourne I’ll analyze the local global noise rally.

Firstly the same OM cool kids inner circle have been at work behind the scenes. And just like last time with Occupy Melbourne the rancid stench of hypocrisy is detectable. In the first public planning meeting Nick Carson was still dodging questions about the secrecy and exclusivity of the OM media team. Dodging question on why he refuses to support media efforts of other activists. More lies, spin and bullshit.

He now wants another PA, after not bothering to find out where the last one donated to OM went.

Interestingly there is not a clear plan yet, apart from bang pots and march to the city.

Predictably all the people naive enough to follow this plan will be herded like cattle into some kind of trap.
just puppets for a small cabal of Gen Y(& Z?) narcissistic…

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  1. Injecting babies with a empathy virus is a bit creepy. Or at least it’s delusional.

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