Tecoma Protest : Link to Article

Good article in the Age about the ongoing protest at Tecoma. Occupymelbourne.net went up there yesterday to meet the protesters, they have a huge amount of supporters, about 500 people were there last night for the Channel 7 broadcast.We will bring you our own version of the story later today. Isn’t it funny that one of the people leading the fight against McDonalds spreading to small communities is a Dr.McDonald ? http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/golden-arches-bulldoze-hippie-20121018-27tz7.html

“Dr McDonald also accused Dr Freeman of being a ”turncoat” for selling land close to schools to a fast-food company. He said it was ”outrageous” for a fellow pediatrician to do so.”

Apparently it also is illegal in Victoria to have a fast food restaurant within 200 metres of a primary school. I wonder why they got the go-ahead. Probably corruption and bribes .

“Dr Freeman said he would not respond to ”commercial questions”, but highlighted to The Age there was a McDonald’s in the Royal Children’s Hospital.”

Actually , it is deplorable for there to be a Mc Donalds at the Children’s hospital and using that as an excuse to now build one next to a school is outrageous . Here’s hoping that it never goes ahead.

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