I do not contract with you, officer!

Although I remembered that the OM freegan chocolate stall earlier in the year was dismantled by council workers, I didn’t think that giving away a few soft toys to people walking by would be very controversial.  I didn’t have a structure , they were just spread out on a cloth. But freeganism , giving away things to strangers, is not an activity that the corporate state takes lightly.” Nobody is profiting from it, how can that be, it’s suspicious, they must have a secret agenda”…that is their mindset. Hence the police wanting my ID (which I didn’t give them as I was not charged with anything) after asking me what I was doing. They simply didn’t believe the obvious: toys were given away for free.

They spent about 5 minutes with us, staring down the teddy bears and trying very hard to find a law we might be breaking , but could not come up with anything, so they took our photos instead and walked off.

Memo to police: Giving away free toys is the most dangerous of all terrorist activities, make sure you watch us closely, because it will happen again, and next time there will be more of them. Soon you will be outnumbered and you will have to ask yourself which side you are really on. Really.

Posted on October 15, 2012, in Free Shop, Law & Government, Melbourne. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. The toys were smart and refused to answer any questions from the police and simply stared back glassy eyed and stood their ground. The police sensing that the toys were not going to be intimidated, left in a slight deflated and confused state. The toys later escaped and are currently being harbored by unknown members of the public, who came to their aid offering them good homes. A big win for ‘The Toys vs Victoria Police’. updates to follow.

  2. They’ll be banned in children’s play spaces soon.. they wouldn’t want the legendary escapades of anarchist Tedi and Molly the prole circulating amongst such malleable minds…

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