Occupy Melbourne Job Description

Someone required to work all hours as deemed neccesary.  Prepared to put up with random abuse. Working alongside several deranged individuals ,your task is to change the system which the 1% use to enslave the 99%.  Accomodation and sustenance is to be provided out of your own pocket. The work is varied, challenging and at times arduous.  A strong appreciation of sleeplessness is required.  A lack of respect for one’s unshowered physical deprivation is a must. The position is unpaid and rewards are varied and spaced out in an inconsistent manner.  If you possess the skills and qualities to match the above description and are not currently in psychiatric care please turn up at CSQ today.  You will be reporting to Mother Earth who will inform and further instruct as required.

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  1. A variety of practical skills is required, most important is the ability to work in a team. it is better to focus on things you can already do, learning on the job can and will happen, but enthusiasm alone will not necessarily lead to results useful for the entire group. It’s always better do one job properly than to stuff up juggling between multiple assignments and stuff all of them up.

    Changing the world is a marathon, not a sprint. Patience helps a lot keeping the big picture in mind while hammering out the details. Although support is given as much as possible, you need to be able to take responsibility for your own actions. Good times are not guaranteed, but highly likely.

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