Fauci Retires

Dan Is The Virus

In 2020 Melbourne went through 6 months of restrictions, largely due to the failure of the hotel quarantine system. Never Forget !

Melbourne Victoria July 2020 – Covid 19 Retrospective Image #4

6 weeks turned into 4 months by the time the restrictions were lifted in November 2020

Bill and Klaus Sharing a Glass of Red

Circles – Melbourne Covid 19 Retrospective Image#3

Circles painted on the grass of a Melbourne park to help groups have socially distanced picnics in October 2021. There was a limit of 5 “vaccinated” people from a limit of two households. Sounds like fun.

If you sat outside the circle you were sent to the naughty corner.

Melbourne Syndrome– Covid 19 Melbourne Retrospective Image#2

Melbourne had the most, the longest and the harshest lockdowns in the world. You could be fined for sitting on a park bench by yourself, you could be brutally arrested for walking outside your zone at the wrong time of day. At one stage even playgrounds were closed. All with the elusive and desperate attempt to get to Covid Zero.

Australia has lower death rate than most of the Western world, mainly because it was locked down for so long and the Omicron arrived , but at what cost? Did we really save lives or did we just shift the burden from the very old to the young ?

The Greatest Scandal In Human History?


After last week’s “truth bomb” by Pfizer that the “vaccines” were never tested for the ability to reduce or stop transmission we have an attempt by media personalities and world leaders to memory hole the fact that they told people the vaccines would be stopping transmission (They lied) and that the mandates for workers were introduced on basis of that lie.

There are quite a few in this video , Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Jacinda Ardern, Justin “Baby Castro” Trudeau and others , and they all said the same thing : If you don’t take the vaccine you are not protecting others and you don’t deserve to be a part of society. Watch Jacinda the Horse (apology to all the beautiful horses of this world), as she is literally lying through her teeth.

Of course we knew a year ago that the vaccines were not stopping transmission, as the relevant data was already available from the UK and the US. Despite that, Australian premiers in NSW and VIC introduced renewed lockdowns for another 3 1/2 months in a bid to vaccinate at least 90% of the population, before “carefully opening up” . And this after most of the vulnerable had already been vaccinated with AstraZeneca . Whether you believe that the vaccines reduce mortality or not, what is perfectly clear is that they do not prevent infection or transmission of the virus and they never did.

Dan Andrews does not feature in this clip, but in his case it is rubber bullets that spoke louder than words.

Being lied to by politicians is nothing new, one could even say it is the norm, but I struggle to think that there was ever a lie which literally affected the whole planet like this one does.

Why is this not all over the “official” news media ? I guess there have been some reports, probably on Fox News and Sky after dark, as well as a mention in a channel 10 daytime chat show, where they used jovial banter to cover up the seriousness of the message, but I have not seen anything on ABC, SBS or 7,9,. Not that I watch them religiously anyway, but one would imagine that they want this all to just go away, since they intentionally perpetuated the lie and they know full well that evidence of this is easy to find.

I wonder what the future holds for these stations? One can only speculate, but it doesn’t look good.

Not only may this be the greatest scandal in human history, it also easily marks the death of the mainstream mass news media.

We Never Consented –Covid 19 Melbourne Retrospective– Image #1

So now the word is going around in the Lamestream media that harsh lockdowns were a mistake that hurt young people and small business owners the most, as if that is some sort of revelation. The fact is, for once, you were better off on unemployment benefits, which effectively doubled overnight without the usual penalities . It was obvious that lockdowns would ultimately not hold back a virus, but only kick the can down the road, yet people were essentially imprisoned, if not in their homes, at least in their suburbs.

They were not allowed to work, go to school or socialise.

Anti lockdown protesters were smeared as “faar- riight ” conspiracy nuts and nanna killers. But they were right: Lockdowns were extreme government overreach and did nothing useful. Never forget those brave souls that took to the streets risking fines and being beaten by the pigs. September 2020 was only the beginning of this sad period in history.

They Lied


Ship Of Fools

It has now been a good two years since the Rona first hit our shores , bringing with it the implementation of various measures to help Australia avoid some of the scary health outcomes and accompanying death rates seen in most other countries.

It is time now to take stock and see what these “Pandemic measures” actually acchieved. There is a long answer and a short answer.

The short answer is : Absolutely Nothing.

Studying today’s worldometer statistics it becomes obvious, that Australia’s now surging death rate is on par with most other western countries.

How can this be?

Initially the death rate in most countries was a lot higher than the 0.1 % we are seeing now (About 1%), but once herd immunity was reached in places like the USA this dropped dramatically. Basically, the virus picked the low hanging fruit first, the sick and the elderly in nursing homes.

Another worying trend was that at some stage anybody who died from any cause was classified as a corona death, in fact, relatives were paid hush money, if they allowed Nanna’s death at 96 to be classified as a covid death, even though she had 3 co-morbidities.

So what about the lockdowns, social distancing, mask mandates and enforced vaccines?

We can safely conclude that none of these enforced measures made very much difference. At least not in any quantifyable positive way.

Masks don’t work, lockdowns kick the can down the road and vaccine mandates are ridiculous, when a virus has a 99.98 % survival rate. Add to this the fact that the “vaccines” offer only very short term protection and carry huge health risks compared with standard vaccines.

The only positve thing resulting from the vaccines was the fact that governments felt safe to end the lockdowns, which resulted in mass infection and resulting herd immunity.

The slightly milder “Omicron” did the rest.

But we could have had that in the first place, if there were no lockdowns in the first place.

A prominent pagan youtuber has called the vaccine the “transubstantiation of the sacred needlecraft” , and that is mostly what it was, if you believed in it, you were absolved of your sins.

Others call it the Kool Aid.

Many people did not believe or want to drink the Kool Aid, so they were forced “for their own good”.

For what use? Deaths from all causes have increased dramatically, birth rates have plummeted everywhere. There are staff shortages everywhere, where are all the workers? Australia relies on overseas workers for some industries, but European countries are having the same problems : staff shortages everywhere, airports in chaos due to a lack of baggage handlers.

Some people blame the needlecraft directly , others the mental and emotional toll of the lockdowns as well as increased anxiety and mental health problems due to the fear porn spread by politicians and the media for almost two years.

What we had was a politcal response to a a medical problem and it wasn’t even entirely political. Giant international corporations are the only ones who profited from the pandemic and most career politicians are just beholden to them these days.

As for medical solutions, there were and are plenty of effective early treatments, but we were forbidden to access them, as there was no money in them for the global cabals.

Now they are already trying to bring back the masks and encuoraging endless boosters, will it ever stop?

This only ends when we say no more. Get off the ship of fools while you can.

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