Real estate for ransom

Have we been under a rock or what? This little gem has been around for a while. The idea expressed here is that by moving the taxation burden away from land and onto labour (income taxes) and consumption (GST), landlords and land speculators have been getting a free ride at the expense of everyone else in the economy. While this is not the only problem in the economy it is certainly a very large one. This is why land prices have gone into a bubble and will continue on a boom-bust cycle until land taxes are a larger tax base. This is also why income tax and GST is so high and will continue to get higher.

Trump Unstumpable

trump independent Trump-with-rifle-AP-PhotoDanny-Johnston-640x480

When Donald Trump entered the presidential race, many people thought of his entry as a novelty, perhaps even some free publicity. But then something unexpected happened, Trump started voicing the concerns of a muzzled sector of US society. Trump was off the standard political script, anti-Immigration, primarily illegal immigration from Mexico. Estimates are than as many as 10 million illegal immigrants from Mexico are working in the USA at any one time. This was stunning enough and tapped in to a ground swell of support. Following the latest terror attacks in Paris, he added a ban on Islamic immigration in the USA. The media simply went bananas, so did the voting public.

Trumps lead in the polls grew, showing he had tapped in the true sentiment of the public.

The political establishment hate him, along with the left leaning media. But right now he is a stand out contender with some polls making him electable as an independent president. The last time an independent was elected president was in the time of the founding fathers.

The next most damaging aspect is the American public has become accustomed to the president acting as a dictator and legislating through executive orders. While this is not what executive orders are meant to be for, the president has been set to allow dictatorial power. Democrats didn’t care about dictatorial power of a democrat was doing it inside their narrative, but now the narrative has changed they are very worried and are screaming blue murder.

It’s a year out from the US presidential election and Trump has a commanding presence in the minds of voters. Could Trump be a true change in political direction for the USA?


If running as a republican candidate Trump’s chances are even better.

trump republican

The dark side of political correctness

A pretty good summary of political correctness , the Orwellian neurotoxin of of cultural Marxism.

Can you see it all more clearly now?

Predatory Victoria police

The IBAC report released recently has been quite damning of Victoria Police. Of significant concern is sex predators among Victoria police abusing vulnerable women in the community. These predators seem to be well ingrained officers and are protected from prosecution and disciplinary action in most cases. Its no surprise to us that Victoria police are cowardly enough to target women for abuse, we saw it time and time again. The IBC report also mentioned that Victoria police are heavily infiltrated with bike gang associations, making Victoria police a quasi bikie gang with nicer uniforms, state funding and few motorcycles, it sort of explains the very poor treatment of women Victoria police display. Victoria Police have a become a force we need to be protected from rather than one that protects us.

Perhaps its time to simply give up on Victoria police and call in the ADF to round up Victoria police into a stockade for military court-martial and have the ADF manage law and order in Victoria. Yeah its pretty sad when you think about how good martial law might be an improvement for the state.

Zuckerberg cynical tax fraud


facebook cynical fraud2

Zuckerberg claims to only be paid $1 per year for working at Facebook



Of course Facebook and related entities are no stranger to dodging tax with creative means.



Maddox on gender pay gap

Maddox owner of the best page in the universe ( that has got to be an authoritative source) tells us all about the largely fictitious and statistically constructed gender pay gap.


The Final Word On Islam : Allahu Quackbar !

allahu Quackbar

Refugees, invaders or terrorists?


Them days are gone

Bureau of what? Anyway a very compelling video of what the media has censored out of the immigration debate for years if not decades.





So why do you think Muslims are moving to the west? Their societies are about to crumble under the weight of massive over breeding and dwindling natural resource to exploit. After decades of living from oil these Muslim nations have in most cases not developed any other exports and will simply collapse without oil. We are seeing just the first waves of economic migrants from Muslim dominated failing oil states. Muslims nations currently only produce 5.8% export goods as much as typical non-muslim nations. Woefully in-competitive. So now they will demand welfare from the western world with threats of violence, there are other words for that, mugging, theft, extortion.

In just 4 day we have had major terror attacks in France and Germany, just a few months after the Syrian refugee/invader crisis began.

The attacks will only get worse if people don’t awaken to the true agenda of Islam; to conquer, by any means necessary, all lands it finds its followers on.

The backlash will begin soon.

Deadly Devotion by Ali Sina

“When we let Muslims to come and live in our midst we are inviting our own killers. This is evidenced by facts. Muslims are killing the non-Muslims and vow to kill more. They will not stop until they cast terror in the hearts of unbelievers, kill them and rape their women.

The westerners however, are infected by the same deadly devotion … Their devotion is not to the Bible, but to an ideology far more fallacious. This ideology claims all cultures are equal; morality is situational; good and bad are relative and all people want the same things.

These are deadly lies. A culture that reduces women into an animal, prescribes stoning, wife beating, child marriage, slavery and rape of unbelievers is not al par with a culture that practices equality, democracy and freedom of thought. Islam is not a culture at all. It is barbarity. Islamic culture is an oxymoron while Islamic terrorism is a redundancy.

But many people in the west refuse to see that. They have blind devotion to their fallacious ideology. They rather blame America for creating al Qaida, Israel for creating Hamas and the west for arming ISIS than accepting the blatant fact that these people are doing what their prophet did. How can one lie so openly, so brazenly and so shamelessly? These people believe that day is night and black is white and are convinced of that. Can you find anything as egregious in any religious book than these lies?

Karl Marx, whose interpretation of history has been accepted blindly by the unenlightened western intelligentsia and the liberal main stream media was an ideologue. Being a materialist he was unable to grasp the complexity of the human mind and thought money is the motivation behind all human emotions and activities.

Another deadly belief is that Muslims want the same things others want, a good life, prosperity and the pursuit of happiness. Muslims, if they are true believers, love death more than you love life. The problem is that they must kill you to go to heaven.”

Read the whole article at :


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