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Don’t say ‘Muslim Terrorist’

Straight out of the dystopia of 1984.

Straight out of the dystopia of 1984.


You can call it anything except what it actually is.

So when ISIS orders Australian based Muslim terrorists to kidnap and behead Australians while  draped in an ISIS flag you just can’t say that is in any way related to anything Muslim or Islam.




Cultural Marxism and the deliberate dumbing down of people. Becuase if you can cultivate such cognitive dissonance and double think in people they either become incapable of independent analytical thought or worst still active participant is deceiving the rest of the population.


Why is the Australian Main Stream Media (MSM) so scared of saying  Muslim, when negative events relating to Isalm occur?

3 days of Islam in Australia


Just In 3 days these news stories for Islam in Australia.

Just In 3 days these news stories for Islam in Australia.


This is why people fear the spread of Islam and mosques in Australia

This is why people fear the spread of Islam and mosques in Australia


Bendigo mosque wants to remove restrictions including opening hours, limits on political discussion and a cap on the number of worshipers.

Limiting political discussion in a mosque may be unconstitutional. Sorry I believe the  Corneloup case set the precedent for the occupy case,  the term burdening as not being interfering,  but sure demand a double standard.


New South Wales

Liverpool, Sydney; mosque auctions ISIS flag for $2000. But they try to tell you they are not connected to terrorism.




Underwood, Brisbane; federal police raid Islamic bookstore, firearm seized, apparently a makeshift shooting range was inside. Nine other warrants executed in the Brisbane area.



Currumbin, Gold Coast; Mosque gets approval despite significant protest from locals.


Federal and state government

Terror level close to being raised. I wonder why?

Trial by Media for “Convicted Bogan Drug Trafficker”

Following Schapelle Corby’s release on parole this week, there has been an onslaught of opinions, both in mainstream publications, in comments and on social media, with the words “bogan” and “convicted drug trafficker” being repeated over and over again by many people as a pronouncement of guilt. Shades of Lindy Chamberlain here, who was also believed to be guilty by most of the public until her innocence was proven when new (forensic) evidence was found.

In Schapelle Corby’s case we need to keep in mind a few things: No fingerprinting or forensic analysis was ever performed on any of the bags or the substance itself. No CCTV footage was ever provided by any of the three airports she travelled to. She was pronounced guilty by the Indonesian kangaroo court system based only on one piece of evidence: she admitted that it was her bag. A bag that was not in her custody for most of her travel. She and her family then became victims of a government/media smear campaign, which was designed to sway public opinion against her in order to keep relations with Indonesia stable. It worked: her support fell from initially 75% of the public to now less than 10%. (See post below “Expendable”)

Meanwhile Australian airports provide a gladwrapping service for suitcases. Why? Because stories of people being unwittingly used as drug mules abound and were well known to happen even before the Corby case.

Below is an example, straight from the Facebook sewer, of how public opinion has been shaped by the media, with comments calling for restraint and support being few and far between.

While it is understandable that the government has to encourage stable relations with a highly populated muslim country on our doorstep, there is no need for us to fall for the misinformation and we need to wake up to the fact that just like Julian Assange or David Hicks, Schapelle Corby became a pawn in a political game. The reality is : individual lives are expendable and if any of Corby’s detractors ever find themselves in a similar situation, regardless of whether they are guilty or not, their government will not be there to help them. And that is why this story continues to be important : Because you’re next!

Schapelle scapegoat story: Expendable

As soon as you realize senior members of AFP (Australian Federal Police) were involved in drug smuggling at airports using baggage handlers to hide drugs in peoples bags, you can see the coverup and scapegoating going into overdrive.

This fact along with evidence disappearing everywhere or being refused, shows that this woman was framed.

Queensland bans the Eureka flag

campbell eyes the flag

Hands off our history you fascist dictator.

Am I VLAD I’m not in Queensland!


3 Definitions
In this Act—
association means any of the following—
(a) a corporation;
(b) an unincorporated association;
(c) a club or league;
(d) any other group of 3 or more persons by whatever name
called, whether associated formally or informally and
whether the group is legal or illegal.

I guess this means that if one of the members of a parent’s association or crochet circle commits a crime, they get an extra 15 years of prison for the crime of “association”. You don’t believe it could happen? They have already arrested Lance Priestly of Occupy Sydney for committing the crime of cooking a barbecue with the wrong “friends” and chucked him into solitary confinement without bail for a month. In Queensland, of course. But it could happen here too. Just watch out when you are participating in that sausage sizzle fundraiser for your kindergarten, you may be “associating” with 3 people or more…


Originally posted on The Australian Independent Media Network:


When I first heard people complaining about Queensland’s VLAD laws, I thought it was a tremendous over-reaction – they didn’t have to ban all vampire movies, just the “Twilight” series would have been sufficient!

But when I discovered what it really was, I thought that I’d better investigate further. So I looked up the legislation.

Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Bill 2013

1 Short title
This Act may be cited as the Vicious Lawless Association
Disestablishment Act 2013.
2 Objects
(1) The objects of the Act are to—
(a) disestablish associations that encourage, foster or
support persons who commit serious offences; and
(b) increase public safety and security by the
disestablishment of the associations; and
(c) deny to persons who commit serious offences the
assistance and support gained from association with
other persons who participate in the affairs of the
(2) The objects are to be achieved by—
(a) imposing significant…

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Librarian first charged in fascist anti bikie laws QLD

libarary gang tagged

A librarian has become the first woman charged under Queensland’s anti-bikie laws.

Forty-year-old Sally Kuether is accused of meeting Ronald Germain, 54, and Phillip Parmer, 60, wearing club colours at the Dayboro Hotel north-west of Brisbane last month.

The trio are alleged associates of the Life And Death motorcycle club.

They have been remanded in custody and will apply for bail in the Brisbane Magistrates Court next week.

Police say subsequent raids of two properties at Manly West and Samford Village turned up a number of illicit items, including a snake.

“A number of items were located at one of the addresses, including some dangerous drugs, drug paraphernalia and criminal gang paraphernalia,” Detective Inspector Brendan Smith said.

One of the accused has also been charged with possessing a flick knife.

By Elise Worthington and staff (ABC)

fascism potpourri tagged


First thing of course to mention is this is what you get when fascism begins creeping in, its illegal to know certain people, later on its illegal to know certain things, finally its illegal to exist.Owning a snake is illegal? What if the snake breaks in? Bongs and flick knives, teenage stuff in all reality sadly. I think I prefer all of those things to fascism.

If you read the story a little further it goes on to state the QLD government is now using PR firms to help spin the new controversial laws.

Fascism in the 21st century: Queensland

New laws in Queensland make it a crime to associate with certain people. Guilt by association is now a  serious crime. Fascism is here.

New laws in Queensland make it a crime to associate with certain people. Guilt by association is now a serious crime. Fascism is here.


If you learn your 20th century history you will know that Mussolini was Europe’s archetypal fascist leader, the man Adolph Hitler modeled himself on. Nazi Germany was just a better industrialized version of Fascist Italy.

Of course fascism starts with the erosion of basic personal liberties, and greater power for corporations to fuel the war machine. The end is usually large scale death and suffering. Queensland appears to be making the first steps down this perilous path.

Crazy new laws? here’s why!

This is basically how it works.

This is basically how it works.


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