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The capital of and largest city in New South Wales (NSW). population 6 million?

Don’t say ‘Muslim Terrorist’

Straight out of the dystopia of 1984.

Straight out of the dystopia of 1984.


You can call it anything except what it actually is.

So when ISIS orders Australian based Muslim terrorists to kidnap and behead Australians while  draped in an ISIS flag you just can’t say that is in any way related to anything Muslim or Islam.




Cultural Marxism and the deliberate dumbing down of people. Because if you can cultivate such cognitive dissonance and double think in people they either become incapable of independent analytical thought or worst still active participants in deceiving the rest of the population.


Why is the Australian Main Stream Media (MSM) so scared of saying  Muslim, when negative events relating to Isalm occur?

3 days of Islam in Australia


Just In 3 days these news stories for Islam in Australia.

Just In 3 days these news stories for Islam in Australia.


This is why people fear the spread of Islam and mosques in Australia

This is why people fear the spread of Islam and mosques in Australia


Bendigo mosque wants to remove restrictions including opening hours, limits on political discussion and a cap on the number of worshipers.

Limiting political discussion in a mosque may be unconstitutional. Sorry I believe the  Corneloup case set the precedent for the occupy case,  the term burdening as not being interfering,  but sure demand a double standard.


New South Wales

Liverpool, Sydney; mosque auctions ISIS flag for $2000. But they try to tell you they are not connected to terrorism.




Underwood, Brisbane; federal police raid Islamic bookstore, firearm seized, apparently a makeshift shooting range was inside. Nine other warrants executed in the Brisbane area.



Currumbin, Gold Coast; Mosque gets approval despite significant protest from locals.


Federal and state government

Terror level close to being raised. I wonder why?

Jonathan Moylan: Nothing to be guilty of


Jonathan Moylan had his own Mega Mosque moment when he created a parody email system called ANZcorporate and sent out fake press releases claiming a col mining project had lost  it line of credit from ANZ, of course the share price when tumbling because all this is fake  money and can disappear in  an instant. Then the banksters got angry that  people were figuring out their dirty tricks, his ‘roumortrage’  (rumor and arbitrage) had done real damage, but he unlike banksters had refused to take monetary advantage from it all.

Court case ensues, found guilty but unlikely to face jail because these kinds of finance crimes always have precedent and are usually accompanied by light sentences.


Amazing the kind of damage you can do with a few dollars, a clever idea and stone cold bluff.

Because absolutely nothing can be a real cool hand.

QANTAS transportation history

A slightly cryptic play on words here, but you don't have to be James Joyce to figure it out, and you wont need an Alan key.

A slightly cryptic play on words here, but you don’t have to be James Joyce to figure it out, and you wont need an Alan key.

Schapelle scapegoat story: Expendable

As soon as you realize senior members of AFP (Australian Federal Police) were involved in drug smuggling at airports using baggage handlers to hide drugs in peoples bags, you can see the coverup and scapegoating going into overdrive.

This fact along with evidence disappearing everywhere or being refused, shows that this woman was framed.

Villawood Asbestos warning

Occupy Sydney Loses Court Case Against Council

Occupy Sydney has lost it’s Federal Court case and costs have been awarded against the applicant. One can only speculate what that means for Occupy Melbourne’s case, but it doesn’t look good.


Check the date early 2012, funny we had almost exactly the same problem at the same time, uncanny how so many occupies had exactly the same problems in the same time sequence.

Originally posted on occupysydney:

I’ve recently put around a call for the GA endorsed site to shape up or be disendorsed.
While one of those who tightly control and censor that site has verbalised an agreement to improve it and put in place a cumbersome process to make this happen, the continued use of the site to propogate personal agendas ( as with the latest post ( ) is NOT what Occupy Sydney should be endorsing as the public face of Occupy. The post, by the same person who has wilfully dimunised the tireless work of many to keep an occupation in place as “an info desk” (perhaps what he and the pigs prefer) , offends this and other occupiers in that it seeks to force us to engage in the endless futile discussions he and others so enjoy, AS WELL AS WORKING TO KEEP AN OCCUPATION A REALITY .
In the…

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I’m sure we all have seen this movie, some scenes were actually shot in Sydney. Could you be living in a matrix right now?

Originally posted on DIO real skills:

I think just about everyone has seen this movie and it has some very interesting allegories in it. Perhaps it’s ‘The Wizard of OZ of our time’.

Our protagonist has the feeling things are quite as they seem, and begins searching for answers. After a while he is given the option of finding out the truth or giving up his quest forever.

This is the red pill or blue pill scene.

Neo decides between the red and blue pills. The Matrix 1999

After deciding to take the red pill to discover the truth, he wakes up to quite a surprise. He is naked hard wired into in a personalized vat of refined oil having been asleep all his life. There are countless thousands all around him asleep in  dark, mechanical, sterile world in similar vats. Enormous quantities of energy are being extracted from them as they slumber unaware that they…

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