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A place where things are given away for free. The things given away are often destined for land fill or incineration. The free shop is a place of pure charity and operates on the no obligation (voluntary) principle. the free shop has many aims, one is to make people re asses their relationship to material things and consumerism.

OM Free Kitchen Christmas Pics

Some photos of the Free Kitchen Christmas Eve event, where hundreds of people gathered around City Square. Many sampled some of the free food on offer and there was pavement chalking as far as the eye could see. The Kitchen operates every Tuesday night, but is having a break for New Years Eve. See you again next week and happy new year!


freefoodwith Santa Santa was lynched. Probably something to do with his exploitation of Elves…


treechalk I was here, which is good to know.

Occupy Christmas 2013

The Free Kitchen musketeers in full swing, bread knives in all colours. And we even erected our own Christmas tree!


Photos Day 731

Occupy 2nd Anniversary Today : The Spirit Lives On.

birds and snake

From today, the Occupy Melbourne Homeless Kitchen at City Square will prepare breakfasts, lunches and dinner until 21st October (which marks the second anniversary of the eviction)

In addition, there will be be a Free Shop today and the usual Friday Free Shop later in the week. Bentleigh Free Shop will also run on Friday this week, due to bad weather tomorrow.




Farmer Runs for Mayor of Nelson, NZ, on Moneyless Society Platform

A NZ farmer and former aircraft engineer, Richard Osmaston, is running for mayor of Nelson, with a view to implement a resource-based economy. To put his non-money where his mouth is, he will reject the $160 000 salary, if elected.

“We are heading over a cliff – socially, financially, every way you can think of. So far, all anyone has done is address the symptoms, and there are so many now that everyone’s exhausted fighting them.”


Liberal voter at the freeshop

You get all types coming to the free shop, for those who don’t know what a free shop is, its a place hwhere you can get things fro free, things that would otherwise be destined for landfill or charity as a business style operations. So she arrives an wants the football, the ones we had just pumped up. so we gave here the choice of the small kids one , the rubber coated one and the leather one.

She had to have the ‘far dinkum’ leather one. Well not exactly ‘fair dinkum’ it didn’t have Sherrin written on it but i digress.

But it simply had to be the leather one.


Ever hear of looking a  gift horse in the mouth?

Then she talks about how wonderful Tony Abbot is.

We love political discussions at the free shop.

The brief exchange was this:

Volunteer: Don’t you think Tony Abbott will replace the carbon tax with an emissions trading scheme that will be just as expansive?

Liberal party cunt: Oh no.

Volunteer: You know global warming is not real.

Liberal party cunt: Yes it is! You’re an idiot!

Stunned free shop volunteer walks away from this ungrateful rude cunt.

Later on she was heard saying there’s my CEO…  Basically just to big note her self.

So there you go, a typical Liberal party voter:

Perfectly happy to demand the best for free, offering nothing in return, and then insults the people who she benefits from, big notes herself, and thinks this is totally acceptable behavior.

She never even thought to ask about making any kind of donation.

If you are the liberal party voter from the story, don’t ever come back to the free shop, you are the worse person who has ever arrived.

Tony Abbott is a dope and so are you.


Bentleigh Free Shop 21/08/2013

Our gift economy experiment continues every Wednesday at Bentleigh Rotunda. The Barbie Condo/castle is still available and we also have have an endless array of books, dvds, toys, clothes and household goods. All to be given away to good homes for free rather than ending up in landfill prematurely.





Bentleigh Free Shop Christmas In July week 3

Bentleigh midwinter Xmas free shop

Bentleigh free shop: mid winter xmas edition 26 06 2013

Bentleigh free shop: mid winter xmas edition 26 06 2013

Another Bentleigh free shop in progres now. get down and get your free stuff. Have a chat about economics, politics or society in general if you like. As always, no obligation. The beginning of freedom is free stuff and freedom to choose what you want to do.

bentleigh freeshop 19 06 13

We had a really happy Elvis fan arrive and found a great Elvis CD in the free shop stock. He totally understood what we were doing, and why were were doing it.

He said “wait here I’m going to get you some stuff, I’ll be back in 10 minutes”.

Sure enough he returned with a  huge box of new clothes, and stuck around to chat for quite a while.

Bentleigh free shop is getting some real support from the community which is great.

So to say thank you to our Elvis fan, we thought we’d add a strangely appropriate Elvis song. Watching this video is also free.

In a world where our monetary and political systems makes no sense, Elvis at the free shop somehow makes sense.


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