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Defend Cancer Against The Jews

Warning: Satirical metaphors ahead

Lone Wolf

So now all the islamic apologists are out in droves, trying to explain that the “lone wolf” who orchestrated the Sydney Siege was not an islamic terrorist, but a mentally deranged man. Although you can be both, and arguable most terrorists these days are.

Even “political commentator” Russel Brand weighed in on the topic, claiming that Man Haron Monis could not have been a terrorist because he had no objectives ( other than terrorizing Western people in the name of islam, presumably ?)

I guess, if his Facebook page and website were still available we would be able to find out what his objectives were, as he seemed to have a lot of grievances, especially with the West which granted him asylum when he fled his own country after committing fraud.

Listening to him in a radio interview which he gave only a few months ago, he actually sounded calm and rational to me. Add to this that he was granted bail for what potentially could be severe offenses and the fact that he even had a gun license , the authorities clearly did not think he was dangerous or deranged.

The muslim community claims he was an ostracized outcast, so who were his 14 000Facebook fans? Presumably other “Lone Wolves” ?

Sorry, not buying it. I hate to paraphrase Andrew Bolt, but where are the Buddhist, Hindus, Bahai, Sikh or Rastafarian terrorists? (Just to mention a few peaceful non-western religions)

As for the “I’ll ride with you” campaign, sure I’ll ride with you, as long as you don’t mind that I wear my own religious attire, the red cape with the big black pentagram on it, the one that would get me executed if I wore it in Saudi Arabia .

‘I am an unperson’: ‘Racist’ DNA discoverer forced to sell Nobel Prize medal


Unperson, straight out of 1984.

Originally posted on vulture of critique:

‘I am an unperson’: ‘Racist’ DNA discoverer forced to sell Nobel Prize medal

Published time: November 29, 2014 17:41
American geneticist James Dewey Watson (AFP Photo)

American geneticist James Dewey Watson (AFP Photo)


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Turd Tyrant Obama Orders American School Children to Create Classroom Memorials to Dead Thug Michael Brown


Nothing worse than a double standard.

Originally posted on saboteur365:

click to enlarge.

click to enlarge.

In response to the Obama White House, American schools are now having children create memorials inside their classrooms to pay tribute to the UNARMED TEEN (liberals love that phrase) who was shot dead while trying to kill Officer Darren Wilson in a case that continues to draw world-wide attention.

If your children are involved in this horsesh*t scheme of Obama’s you might consider a visit to the school. Just a friendly visit, mind you.

In a sane world that rejected foolish cultural Marxist egalitarianism, it would be Officer Darren Wilson who would be honored with classroom tributes to his bravery for standing up to a thug who had just strong arm robbed a little immigrant store owner, which is a felony.

Excerpt from The Gateway Punit

“During the first few weeks of classes, students can create a memorial to Michael Brown on a classroom bulletin board. This…

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“Robbed of Their Womanhood’ – Teens After Merck’s Gardasil Shot

Originally posted on wchildblog:

Source: Activist Post, by Heather Callaghan

Olivia and Madelyne Meylor are in their early 20s. They still want the world to know what happened to them as teens after they received three Gardasil shots – an HPV vaccine marketed as a way to prevent cervical cancer. Diagnoses of Premature or Primary Ovarian Failure (POF) followed leaving only 5 percent chance one of them could ever get pregnant.

In this story about a pending federal court case they were involved in last year, they reported that not only did their ovaries stop producing eggs, but they also have insomnia, night sweats and headaches. They say they can not get pregnant, but might be able to carry a baby. As teenagers, it would appear that they both entered into full-blown menopause.

Coincidence? Genetic predisposition tests ruled out genetics for the disorder which is rare in teenagers. Their mother says all roads…

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Iraqi dealers confirm ISIS hoarding gold, precious metals to issue currency – report

Originally posted on tomfernandez28's Blog:


Islamic State militants are reportedly acquiring gold, silver and other precious metals in a bid to further solidify their control over large swathes of Syrian and Iraqi territory by issuing their own currency, Iraqi metal dealers confirmed to McClatchy.

Earlier this month, the militants’ Beit al Mal, an ancient Islamic term which translates as “Treasury Department,” issued a statement announcing the plan. The coins, which they plan to fashion from gold, silver and copper, will be modeled on the 8th century currency of the Umayyad Caliphate.

At the time, experts expressed doubts the militant group had the technological capability and overall knowhow to produce their own modern currency for the territory under their control; roughly one third of Iraq and Syria.

A recent report in McClatchy, however, which draws on interviews with precious metal dealers in northern and western Iraq, would indicate the group is in fact moving ahead to…

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Press invitation: Global Solidarity Campaign: Support the Fight for Democracy in Hong Kong


Good luck Occupy Central Hong Kong.

Originally posted on Occupy Central with Love and Peace:

For immediate release

Global Solidarity Campaign: Support the Fight for Democracy in Hong Kong  
We are a coalition of overseas Hongkongers who are organizing a series of solidarity actions to voice support for the weeklong class boycotts and democracy movement in Hong Kong.
On Saturday, Sept 27, 9 cities in Bosnia, Canada, the UK and the USA will be leafleting, organizing stand-in or protesting to demand democracy in Hong Kong. Organizers in Berlin will be hosting the event on the following day, on Sept 28.

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The New Inquisition : Progressives, Socialists, Marxists

In his latest video, “Laughing at the inquisition” atheist Irish comedian Pat Condell pokes fun at the hypocritical “moral high ground” of the far left:

” There are many reasons why I could never be a progressive. Not least because I’m genuinely tolerant of difference
I believe in diversity, especially diversity of opinion, which is something progressives seem to feel threatened by.

A kind of progressive inquisition has developed to stamp down on opinions that are “incorrect”.

I think this is because most progressives inhabit a self-reinforcing social or p[rofessional bubble where everyone carries around the same shallow unexamined assumptions.”



Let them eat artichokes!

Originally posted on tomfernandez28's Blog:

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 12.16.39 PM

French vegetable farmer have set a tax office and a building on fire destroying a government facility


French vegetable farmer have set a tax office and a building on fire destroying the government facility which was the symbol of the increasing administrative burden and sanctions that is killing farming. Hundreds of tractors and trailers of the farmers converged on Friday evening before the building of the Agricultural Social Insurance (MSA) in the town of Morlaix (Brittany). There they dumped unsold potatoes and artichokes before the MSA-building and added pallets and tires setting the entire lot on fire. Thereafter, the farmers moved on to the tax office set that on fire as well. The protests also took place in numerous other places as well, however, only these two government buildings were totally destroyed.

The association of vegetable farmers had announced the protest action on…

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Ohio,US: School Placed on Lockdown After A Muslim Man Threatens to Murder Children Over Israel-Hamas Conflict


When will people learn the true nature of the ‘ religion of peace’?

Originally posted on sharia unveiled:

Pickerington North HS Ohio

Pickerington North High School. Photo courtesy of: Robert Spencer

by, Adam Kredo | The Washington Free Beacon | h/t Robert Spencer @ Jihad Watch

An Ohio school was placed on lockdown Wednesday after a man with a “heavy accent” phoned the school and threatened to murder children with an AK-47 due to the current conflict between Israel and Hamas, according to local police.

All schools in Pickerington, Ohio, were placed on lockdown after an unknown man made a threatening call to the Pickerington North High School, Fairfield County Sheriff Dave Phalen confirmed to the Washington Free Beacon.

The man, who claimed to have an AK-47, said he planned to launch an attack on the school and kill students over his apparent anger at the Middle East conflict, Phalen said.

“The school received a call [at around 11:15 a.m.] from a male with a heavy accent and he indicated that…

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