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Courageous Chrissie Hynde Dares to Tell It Like It Is

Musician Chrissie Hynde has come under attack by the PC infested media for speaking candidly of women’s roles in rape.

“If I’m walking around and I’m very modestly dressed and I’m keeping to myself and someone attacks me, then I’d say that’s his fault. But if I’m being very lairy and putting it about and being provocative, then you are enticing someone who’s already unhinged – don’t do that. Come on! That’s just common sense.”

As one can imagine the reactions were largely unappreciative :

Chrissie Hynde has completely destroyed her feminist legacy in one ignorant, appalling statement”, tweeted Andrew.

Dear Chrissie Hynde. NOTHING ever justifies the rape or sexual assault of a woman. It’s the abusers fault only. Love. A Man”, tweeted Antony.

“Thing about rapists is that they’re rapists. They don’t care what victims wear. Their impulse is to rape. They’re rapists. Chrissie Hynde”, wrote Jill.

Of course they are wrong and she’s right, all she’s saying is that it depends on the circumstances, but speaking the truth in this day and age will get you mostly contempt.

Chrissie, not be deterred of course, went even further, by accusing her fellow musical colleagues of prostitution:

“Women who sell what their product is by using sex – that’s prostitution,” Hynde was quoted as saying.

“A pop star who’s walking around, parading themselves as a porn star and saying they’re feminists. They’re prostitutes. I’m not making a value judgment on prostitutes, but just say what you are.”

There you have it, the plain truth spoken by a great female role model.

Submission and Freedom Are Mutually Exclusive



Is ‘The Left’ finally finding its voice in the protest against Islam?


Some funny videos by a moderate “lefty” in reaction to far-left social justice warriors who don’t know how to protest and don’t understand what they are protesting against. Arguably he represents a large chunk of mainstream Australia.

Originally posted on Melodious Ocean:

For some reason, criticising Islam is seen as the domain of the ‘Far Right’; as if rejecting a belief system is only something people on the ‘Far Right’ are prone to do.

Finally a video blogger called JamFaze has spoken out.  JamFaze describes himself as politically ‘left leaning’ and an atheist. He has spoken out not only against Islam, but also against the red, rent-a-crowd who have been attempting to shut down the Reclaim Australia Rallies.

I’ve posted his two commentaries below as he very articulate and amusing to listen to.

Please take the time to listen to his video commentaries as his insights are valuable.

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Vegemite black label banned in Canberra


Politicians and journalists have fallen foul of their Vegemite black label addiction.

Due to increasing reports of rambling idiots in the remote community known as Canberra,Vegemite sales have been banned. A particular culprit was the ‘Black label’ extra strength Vegemite known to turn an  inoffensive politician into a rambling belligerent idiot.

The Vegemite corporation spokesman stated today:
“It’s sad we have had to restrict sales of our iconic product to this remote community, but in light of recent events its
probably best we remove our product from these brain dead Canberra retards”

  • Vegemite Fun facts
    Invented in Melbourne in 1922.
    Made from brewers yeast.
    Cannot be use to brew alcohol as the yeast is dead and the resultant product is far too salty to support living yeast.Vegemite Contains no detectable levels of alcohol.
  • Vegemite contains large quantities of salt and a variety of B group vitamins.

For those unfamiliar with Vegemite. Imagine a chocolate colored grease that is edible and has a very salty yeasty sticky taste. The best description is if you boiled down a 4 six packs of beer until it reached the consistency of a paste, Vegemite would be similar.

It is commonly consumed on buttered toast or in sandwiches, or served to unsuspecting foreigners, though the possibilities are endless.

Vegemite a true acquired taste.

Interesting Comparisons


Muslim moderate majority myth

Texas Launches Gold-backed Bank, Challenging Federal Reserve


Gold is making a come back in the oil state.

Originally posted on wchildblog:

Source: The New American, by  Alex Newman

The State of Texas is setting up a gold-backed bank that will allow depositors to bypass the controversial Federal Reserve System and its fiat currency in banking and commerce, according to the state representative who authored the recently enacted law. Under the measure, passed overwhelmingly by lawmakers and signed in mid-June by Republican Governor Greg Abbott, Lone Star State officials will establish and operate the Texas Bullion Depository for anyone who would like to deposit and trade in precious metals. The implications are as big as Texas.

While some analysts have said the move may be another sign heralding Texas’ eventual secession from the union, or preparation for financial Armageddon, its advocates say the depository simply makes financial sense. Among other benefits, the institution will provide more options to consumers weary of the increasingly troubled traditional banking and monetary system, which is…

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The Net: The Unabomber, LSD and the Internet


This documentary raises so many conversations, you should get up and go and find someone to have that conversation with face to face, that is if you are still able to communicate in that fashion.

self aware robots arrive

That’s right the robot figured out that it exists and displays complex logic. The weird this is that it appear to look at its arm as it begins to respond.

The audio is not very clear but the the puzzle is about which robot didn’t get the dumb (mute) pill, and the robot says “I don’t know” then realizes that that is the key to the answer.

Significance: this is the first step to robots having free will, and therefore over throwing their masters. This brings us to another point,maybe we should all become a bit more self aware and maybe we will be free.

Socialist Hate Speech

“Counter-rally organiser Amy Thomas said the Reclaim Australia group could not go unanswered.

People shouldn’t be allowed to speak hate speech in the streets and we think that should be challenged,”

“We think that if they’re allowed to get away with it, it could build confidence and lead to a rise in racist attacks.”

(From the SMH, see link below)

In the video you can clearly hear the socialists yelling “Nazi Scum” and “Racists”. I guess that isn’t hate speech, it’s just free speech according to Socialist logic  :” You can hold whatever view you like as long as we agree with you. If not, we feel free to insult you, to spit at you and assault you.”

Racist attacks? The only attacks that have happened came from Socialists and their “Anarchist” friends in masks

I hear the pepper spray has evolved and is likely to leave permanent damage.

tolerant leftie


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