The Murrumbeena Sky Rail Blues

So word is out that the government is planning to upgrade and replace the old level crossings at Carnegie , Murrumbeena and Hughesdale with a track raised 9 metres and huge concrete eye-sore stations that will hover over these quaint old village-style suburbs like alien spaceships.



The government did not consult the locals, but pretty much ambushed them with a door-knock 2 days before the official announcement. Understandably, the locals are up in arms and a petition against the “sky rail” containing nearly 3000 signatures has been filed with parliament.

The government also issued a propaganda video , which promises to turn the area under the track into a bike path and parkland, as if people will flock to parks under thundering trains. More likely this will attract the local drug dealers and “painters”.

As a former resident of Murrumbeena (for 10 years), I lived one street removed from the train-line. Even in the late Nineties it was congested and running with greater frequency than other train-lines. We could hear it, but it didn’t intrude on our lives. If the sky rail was built, many people from our street would be able to see it too.

As for the people whose properties back onto the rail (Mainly Murrumbeena)this is obviously a disaster of epic proportions reminiscent of the Blues Brothers scene :”How often does the train go by? So often you don’t notice it anymore” But of course you do!

Instead of   accusing people of NIMBYism, maybe the critics need to understand that this part of Murrumbeena is an upmarket patch with huge and extended 1930ties heritage properties on large land, some of them close, even backing onto the train line. On the nearby Waverley line, which has always been raised in parts, property backyards do not back onto the train line but start across the street.

Murrumbeena and Hughesdale have the feel of old English villages, with masses of trees , beautiful period  houses , and quaint shopping centres that nevertheless cater to all daily needs.

The elephant in the room is really that Melbourne is growing by more than 2% per year, and a lot of the growth is happening in the third world ghettos of Dandenong/Cranbourne, but also in suburbs like Clayton, which has necessitated more frequent trains and therefore congesting the level crossings. On the other hand , it is pretty obvious that those crossings are only used by locals, as most people know to avoid them by going via Caulfield underpass or Oakleigh overpass respectively. Opening up the level crossing will simply bring more traffic into the area and thereby nullifying any anti-congestion and safety  effect from removing the level crossing.

Rather than turning Melbourne into another bullshit soulless Asian inspired city, why not keep our heritage alive ?  We have a million tourists coming from China every year who want to see Australia, not another China. Looking after our heritage is better for the common good in the long run, than catering to the needs of drivers.  Rather than just growing the city without restraint, it’s about time to relocate people to the country or smaller cities, which will improve services on existing lines there.

I ‘m guessing this isn’t going to happen :  governments have been unseated for less.






UN Panel Rules :Assange Unlawfully detained

quote-sweden-is-the-saudi-arabia-of-feminism-julian-assange-207757“A United Nations panel has decided that Julian Assange’s three-and-a-half years in the Ecuadorian embassy amount to “arbitrary detention”, leading his lawyers to call for the Swedish extradition request to be dropped immediately.”

Of course this doesn’t mean that anything will change in the eyes of British and Swedish authorities. He is a middle aged white man after all, and the only legitimate refugees these days are young brown and black Muslim men,whose rape rampages in Sweden and the UK are tolerated and swept under the carpet by authorities, while a white man only has to have consensual sex with the wrong woman in order to be locked away for life.( Of course, the rape charges against Assange have always been irrelevant.)

Ironic, then, that Wikileaks tried to defend the lives of those Muslims by showing how the US committed war crimes.

The US stance towards Assange would be understandable if the US government and it’s president weren’t such lyin’ cheatin’ bastards.

This whole sorry saga is a medieval tale of brutality and miscarriage of justice of epic proportions , but one thing is clear : The West does not have anything resembling freedom of speech or freedom of the press, but is starting to resemble East Germany at the height of Stasi infiltration.


The UN decision, while welcome, appears to be nothing but a cynical exercise in ass covering inspired by Pontius Pilate, paying lip service to the idea of human rights, while at the same time being completely willing to sacrifice yet another enlightened human being who wanted to do good.

NZ signs TPPA amid huge protests



Despite much of Auckland’s CBD being shut down with multiple intersection sit-ins and even the iconic Auckland harbor bridge likewise shut down, John Key signed the TPPA deal locking New Zealand into onerous binding trade agreements.

Most likely this spells the death blow for the struggling New Zealand economy, which some pundits argue never really recovered for the 1987 Wall street stock market crash. New Zealand is another Greece in the making, with multinational corporate vultures already circling the trapped prey.

For New Zealand now the TPPA is law, but for how long will the law be respected in New Zealand?

FBI murders Oregon protestor

After the Burns Oregon peaceful armed stand off a Protester was escaping the compound and was ambushed by FBI. While attempting to surrender after plowing into a snow bank next to the FBI road block, FBI agents shoot him. After the first shots he puts his hands down instinctively to the wound site and then is apparently shot in the back by another FBI agent.

Where is the “hands up don’t” shoot rhetoric?

In the USA now there is now a ‘shoot to kill’ policy even for surrendering suspects.

New American revolution when?

Feminists love Islamists

Geert Wilders on rape army

So go on, stick your fingers in your ears, shut your eyes and repeat your thought terminating cliches, it won’t change the truth though.

Mein Kampf back on sale in Germany


Mein Kampf

-Mein Kampf, Aldolf Hitler’s famous book has now gone back on sale in Germany after decades of being banned. Part of the reason the book in now available is that the copyright has run out so the book is now public domain.

English translation here: 1415736413599-1

Interestingly this is on the back of the refugee/invader crisis and a growing support for various forms of  nationalism with movements like PEGIDA becoming popular.

Rapefugees Not Welcome

Pegida, the German anti-Islam movement have issued a new creation,I wonder whether people will actually be allowed to wear it or will be prosecuted by the left-wing Nazis for hate speech.



Lügenpresse und Sozialtourismus

What the German controlled media  (Lügenpresse) don’t want you to know is that the ‘refugees’ are a horde of violent, maniacs, rapists and thieves. The directive is to cover up the reports of the events in multiple German cities of the last weeks ( and months) is the huge spike in rapes, assaults, murders and robberies committed by the ‘Syrian rape army’. Its clear most of the migrant/invaders are only in Germany to leech the generous social welfare (sozialtourismus) and commit crimes. Angela Merkel is destroying Germany from the inside

Germany’s experiment with Socialism in the form of cultural Marxism is drawing to a close and will likely radically revert to a former socialism experiment.

Don’t blush, baby.

More over the top reactions to some minor cheeky behavior. Feminazis have no sense of humor and want to live in a world coated in cotton balls. No word on whether she took him up on the drinks offer.

Maybe we should start a fund for Mel McLaughlin to buy cat food for the 12 cats she will be harboring when she is desperate and dateless the age of 40.

Probably just not grown up enough to do the job.


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